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Claire Hahn on Raceday Fashion
A highly sought-after milliner, there's no better person to take raceday fashion advice from than Claire Hahn!
April 13, 2021

What makes dressing for the races so unique? 

Dressing for the races offers such a unique opportunity to really dress up in an ever-becoming casual society! It is such a wonderful opportunity to really put thought into your outfit and create a look that not only offers a nod to tradition, but also expresses your own personal style.

Are there any 'rules' people should be mindful of when putting an outfit together for the races? 

The rules of racing fashion have relaxed over the years, allowing more room to experiment with fashion forward looks. Ultimately though it remains elegant daywear with a current focus on being effortlessly chic.

What advice would you give a first-time racegoer, wanting to look the part? 

For any woman looking to experience their first race day I encourage you to embrace the tradition of wearing a headpiece or hair embellishment of some sort. It doesn’t have to be designer or large in size - a ponytail scarf, headband or hair clips will make your outfit instantly more raceday appropriate.

And advice for a seasoned pro, looking to take things up a notch and enter Fashion in the Fields? 

For anyone looking to venture in the addictive and fashionable sport of FITF, I greatly suggest doing your research and understanding what competitive race wear entails. There are many great social media resources available! Most importantly, have fun putting your look together and embrace meeting new likeminded people! I have met some of my dearest friends through FITF.

As an award-winning Milliner, what headwear trends are you currently enjoying? 

Millinery, like all aspects of fashion, goes through seasonal trends - but in many ways millinery can transcend what’s in fashion. I believe the most fashionable millinery is that that suits the wearer and their outfit. In saying that, I am partial this season to an embellished bandeau or structured beret.

What comes first, the outfit or the millinery? 

There is no right answer to this! I suggest starting with a component that you love and building your outfit around it - this could be a dress, headpiece or statement accessory! I once built an outfit completely around a necklace that I was dying to wear!

Why do you LOVE racing? 

I love racing for the people within our industry. The great friendships I have made within all facets of the sport. A shared passion in racing has allowed me to meet some fascinating and wonderful humans.