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Hanna LOVES Aegon
Aegon has a soft spot in Hanna Orting's heart, not just for his undeniable ability or good looks, but his quirky personality too!
April 08, 2021

Aegon - the little horse with a huge heart. Winner of the 2021 New Zealand Bloodstock Karaka Million 3YO, he's got a soft spot in Hanna Orting's heart, and not just for his undeniable ability or good looks, but his quirky personality too!

What makes Aegon so special?

There’s just something about him, or should I say, everything about him! His personality, will to win and the fact that he always tries his best. He’s not an overly big horse, but he has a huge heart, a lot of strength and loves to win.

If you could use three worlds to describe Aegon, what would they be?

Loves to win.

If Aegon was asked to describe himself in three words, what do you think he’d say?

Simply the best.

Does Aegon have a stable name?

Most of the time we just call him Aegon, but also Little Champ – because he is a little champion!

What’s he like around the barn?

He’s always quite fresh and can get very full of himself! He squeals and bounces around on the regular. He loves to spend his days out in the paddock and gets super excited when it’s time to go out. He’s great to look after and easy to do everything with.

And on raceday?

He loves the extra attention on raceday. Once it’s his turn to race, he gets himself pretty excited. I think he loves going out there and trying his best. I’m sure he knows when he wins, he seems so proud of himself following a race.

Does Aegon have any quirks?

He squeals and bounces when he’s excited – which is a lot of the time! He can also sulk from time to time when he doesn’t get to go out into the paddock or doesn’t get all of my attention.

What’s his favourite way to be spoilt?

Lots of love and pats. Whenever he gets the chance, he’ll put his head on my shoulder and just about fall asleep enjoying scratches.

Why do you LOVE Aegon?

He has the most amazing personality and is so beautiful. I could go on for days about all the reasons I love him. To me he’s just the best and I think he knows that I adore him.