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Redefining how young people experience racing: Meet INVADES
Meet INVADES, a sports marketing and events company seeking to inspire the next generation of live sport fans.
April 21, 2021

If you’re after a good day out, INVADES have you covered. The UK-based events and experiences company have a passion for live sports and have set out to redefine how young people experience it. What’s more? They’re heading down under for a day at the races!

Ellerslie, well-known for attracting young racegoers, is at it again, combining with INVADES for their Manco Easter Handicap Day.

We caught up with Dominic Matcham, founder and managing director of INVADES, to chat about INVADES, the opportunities that lie within racing and the ‘big old day party shindig’ they’re throwing at Ellerslie this weekend.

Tell us a little about INVADES and what you’re setting out to achieve.

INVADES is a sports marketing and events company passionate about live sport. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of fans through the creation of exciting, shareable experiences.

What inspired INVADES to focus on Racing as one of their sports of interest?

Racing has something for everyone and has a unique ability to bring people from all different places and backgrounds together.

We love the way in which racecards are structured and the opportunity they create to bring live sport and immersive parties together.

We also felt that there was a big opportunity in racing to connect with a younger audience, and INVADES as a brand, has an ability to speak to this audience in a way some of the more traditional racing organisations can't.

Your services focus heavily on content and social media. Does INVADES believe this is the future for events marketing?

Racing is the ultimate instagramable experience. From the roaring crowds, to colourful dresses, from pristine horses to nail biting finishes, racing has a unique ability to create moments and memories people want to share on social media.

The next generation are heavily influenced by their peers and are discovering and buying experiences from their newsfeed. We invest in people and content to create small groups of highly influential local brand ambassadors and create content campaigns which demonstrate the energy and excitement of our events.

Can you tell me about your student racing extravaganza and what INVADES learnt from this?

The Student Racing Extravaganza was a UK-wide national tour that saw us bring together 19,000 students from 63 Universities at 13 different racecourses. One of our key learnings was that each local university market is different and in order to be successful we must invest time into understanding these social culture nuances that

exist. Building small teams of engaged and influential brand ambassadors helped us create high levels of word of mouth marketing on social media and enabled us to really understand what makes these local markets tick.

What will INVADES be bringing to Ellerslie on April 24 at Manco Easter Handicap Day?

Inspired by the feel-good day parties of Ibiza, and the electric energy of the underground music scene in Berlin, our goal is to create an event with two distinctly different day and night elements. We are very fortunate to have some of Auckland’s biggest DJ talent supporting, with the likes of Brook Gibson (GeorgeFM), AriiJade & Sax, among other up and coming artists who all share our passion and commitment to good music.

Our exclusive event space is right next to the finish line and will give our customers the best view of the action on-course. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity the Auckland Racing Club have given us and are very keen to build an exciting long-term partnership geared toward the next generation of fans.

Why does New Zealand Racing excite you?

New Zealand has a rich racing history, an unrivalled passion for live sport, and plentiful supply of beautiful racecourses. Based on the success of our launch in Auckland, and the volume of messages we are receiving from others in New Zealand, we are extremely confident in our ability as a brand to connect with the next generation and very much hope to work with many other courses across the country.

What’s next? For more information about INVADES, visit their website. If you’re sold on a day out at the races with INVADES this weekend, lock in your tickets before it’s too late!